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Report Child Abuse in Nebraska

(800) 652-1999

Give a little to make a big impact.

You’d be surprised at how far we can stretch a dollar.

The Child Advocacy Center is a place where small voices can be heard.

Our community thrives when we work together for good.

Discover how your help furthers our cause and supports our vital programs. See what we do.

To report child abuse in Nebraska call 1.800.652.1999. If you need immediate help, call 911.

Only 1 in 10 children who are abused tell someone.

Ways to get involved with the Child Advocacy Center:

  • Attend or schedule a prevention-focused training session with the CAC.
  • Learn and share with other parents how to talk with your children about body safety, healthy boundaries and not keeping secrets.
  • Check our Wish List for items frequently needed for our kids.
  • Volunteer to help at one of our special events or at the center!
  • Hold a fundraiser or make a donation.
  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    “Child Advocacy Center helped me find a community of support to better my life and lives of my children.”

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