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Lancaster County Child Sexual Exploitation Community Event

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
10:00 am12:00 pm
Sheridan Lutheran Church, Great Room - 6955 Old Cheney Rd, Lincoln, 68516
Lancaster County Child Sexual Exploitation Community Event

Child sex trafficking & exploitation are issues we face right here in our own community. As a system, we recognize the challenges presented by this complex problem. Attend the community kickoff event to join us in strengthening our response to Child Sexual Exploitation. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about these challenges as they apply to our community and how we can continue to put the needs of the victims first. It will take a coordinated community response in order to take on this challenge. We need your help!

If you or your organization work with youth in any capacity, you have a role in this fight against Child Sexual Exploitation. From awareness to training to service provision for victims, we will share ideas about how we can work together to end Child Sexual Exploitation.

Current professionals on our Multidisciplinary Team include:
-Lancaster County Prosecutor’s Office
-Lincoln Police Department
-Department of Health and Human Services
-Lancaster County Juvenile Probation
-Child Advocacy Center
-UNL Center on Children Families and the Law
-Bryan Health
-Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers

Who Should Attend?
-Department of Health & Human Services
-Foster Care Providers
-Law Enforcement Officers
-Youth-Serving Shelters
-Behavioral/Mental Health Professionals
-Juvenile Justice System/Probation
-Cultural Centers
-Medical Professionals
-Health Department
-LGBTQ Organizations
-Adult Protective Services
-Survivors of Trafficking and/or Exploitation

The mission of the Lancaster County Child Sexual Exploitation Multidisciplinary Team is to provide a coordinated response to children who are identified as sex trafficking victims or are identified at-risk of becoming sex trafficking victims.  The purpose is to clarify the role of each discipline, outline expectations, and to reduce duplication of efforts.  The Multidisciplinary Team also seeks to strengthen the coordinated response to Child Sexual Exploitation cases.