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Report Child Abuse in Nebraska

(800) 652-1999

Minimal Facts Interviewing

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
11:30 am1:00 pm
Online - This training will be held via Zoom
Minimal Facts Interviewing

Trust is key. Children often choose to disclose to an adult they trust and feel safe with. If we are that trusted adult, what do we do next?
How we respond after a child’s disclosure profoundly impacts the child and any potential criminal case that may follow. It is crucial that we know what questions to ask and when to stop. When a child chooses to disclose, it is important that we gather the minimum facts necessary and leave the rest up to Law Enforcement and DHHS with the help of trained Forensic Interviewers.
Learn from one of our Forensic Interviewers about the importance of their role and yours as a mandatory reporter.

• Understand the importance and purpose of minimal facts interviewing.
• Develop knowledge of Nebraska’s mandatory reporting laws.
• Prepare to make a report to Law Enforcement or DHHS.
• Learn how to support the reporter during and after reporting.

Target Audience:
School personnel, Law Enforcement, DHHS employees, medical providers and any other professionals or service providers working with children.

Registration is free but registration is required.

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